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The United States Navy needs help to build submarines which are vital to our nation’s defense. The Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATDM) program is designed to quickly train qualified candidates in essential manufacturing skills and trades to establish a steady and sustainable flow of qualified workers for the naval shipbuilding and repair sector of the submarine industrial base (SIB).

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Become a part of the nation's vital DOD shipbuilding industry.

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July 31, 2024
ATDM Career Fair

Please join us on-site for an Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATDM) Career Fair.

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If you are an employer looking to skill or upskill your workforce, you’ve come to the right place. ATDM is the US Navy’s premiere accelerated training program — and the only one of its kind in the country.

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There is a growing need for qualified workers in skilled trades such as welding and the industry is responding with competitive pay, job security and the opportunity to build a fulfilling career pa

In the world of welding, where sparks fly and metal bends to the will of skilled hands, Makayla Baker stands

In the past two years, 92 Veterans have found renewed purpose and new careers through the Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing (ATDM) program.