Governor Youngkin standing at a podium

U.S. Navy to open training center in Danville

The Navy on Wednesday launched an additive manufacturing “center of excellence” to train students in defense manufacturing at Danville’s Institute for Advanced Learning and Research, as well as announcing a larger training facility to be built nearby.
People using a CNC machine

Obtain a great-paying job without a college degree

A college degree is not required to enter the workforce through a new training program developed for veterans, transitioning military, industry and other individuals seeking great-paying jobs in the defense industry, specifically within the naval shipbuilding and sustainment sectors.
PA Talent Pipeline Signing Day

ATDM Recognized as Defense Workforce Catalyst by Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project

Program receives CTE plaque of recognition at May 25 ceremony

Danville, Va. (June 29, 2022) – ATDM (Accelerated Training in Defense Manufacturing) has been awarded a plaque of recognition as a Career and Technical Education Partner with the Pennsylvania Talent Pipeline Project, an initiative of the Mid-Atlantic Submarine Talent (MAST) Program which focuses on engaging defense industry employers on developing the workforce with critical trade skills through CTE partnerships.